Rodney House Specialist Support School

Rodney House Specialist Support School



Phonics, Reading books and approved scheme 

The Letters & Sounds programme is currently followed throughout school. For our explorer pathway learners this is through a focus on listening and interaction. Teachers draw on phase 1 content as appropriate.  Pupils on the Investigator pathway continue to embed the phase 1 objectives and work within later phases as appropriate to their developmental stage and learning styles. 

 At Rodney House we use the 'Little Wandle' teaching programme. 
Children who are ready to read use decodable texts from the Collins Big Cat series




Symbols are frequently used to support learner across the curriculum. They are utilised to support comprehension of what is read. 




Sensory stories 

Sensory stories are stories with a concise narrative told with the aid of sensory props. The use of strong sensory experiences allow the story to be accessible, tangible, concrete bringing the story to life. A learner will engage with and experience repetition, rhyme, the joy of story sharing of particular words, and opportunity to engage and explore props. Sensory stories are appropriate for all learners in school and enable them to access stories in a many different ways rather than just auditory involvement.

Rodney Readers 

Developing enjoyment of sharing stories at home is facilitated through our home book share project 'Rodney Readers' engaging picture books, with accompanying guidance and resources are loaned to families to share with their child, in order to promote a love of reading and story share both at home and in school. Please speak to your child's class teacher to find out more about 'Rodney Readers'. 

This video models how to accurately pronounce sounds.