Rodney House Specialist Support School

Rodney House Specialist Support School

WHAT PARENTS SAY.....................

Giving me things to practice at home, helped, all the time, you gave us things to practice at home - Aug 23 

Learned some skills how to lay with my child. Strategies t distract when he wants something have helped - Jan 23

Can we have more sessions, twice a week groups - July 23

Definitely. I have learnt how I can reach out and help …. now. I offered him choices at home. I do not just use words I show him - June 23 

..... helped us with advice and ways to play with ........ Aug 2023

I found the service invaluable the lady was lovely and non judgemental, she gave loads of advice and supported me - April 23

I loved how she worked with my child, making notes as she observed - April 23

We could talk to ..... about anything and she was always a phone call or text away if we had any questions or concerns. May 23  

 Attending group was great for ........ , he really came out of his shell and grew in his development - Feb 23